A Pep Talk for You, The Incredible Business Owner

Stephanie Wasylyk
3 min readMar 13, 2023

How often do you stop and congratulate yourself for everything you’ve accomplished? When was the last time you really recognized how insanely brave you’ve been for running your own business?

Today I want you to know that I see you.

I know how hard you’ve worked. I know what you’ve put on the line to make this happen. I know you’ve had some good months and some really, really bad ones. I know you’ve made sacrifices you weren’t expecting to make.

Sometimes I just look around my house and marvel at what I’ve created for my family. I look at the walls, the art hanging, the garden outside, the chaotic mess. I truly can’t believe I’ve made that happen with my business. I know my privilege and my background were critical, I don’t want to ignore them, and in those moments of marvel it still feels miraculous. Month after month I’m able to live here because of the work I’m doing in the world. And I made it happen.

Take this time to acknowledge that what you’ve done is brave. It’s badass. It’s incredible. You built something that no one else has, that no one can control. You have the power. You have the ability to make change.

Of course there’s the dark side…Responsibility. Pressure. Loneliness. I see you in these, too. Living on unpredictable income. Having extra bills to pay. Being vulnerable and admitting where you need help. Not having anyone to turn to when shit hits the fan. I know the feeling of complete, debilitating panic upon losing a big client and needing to fill that financial void before the mortgage is due. I know the frantic feeling of finishing a client call and rushing to feed my newborn baby before the next call is due to start. This life is inconceivable to most people.

A friend texted me a few months ago “I think it’s so cool that you have your own business”, and it actually brought me to tears. I never realized how rare it is for someone to acknowledge this incredibly important part of me. I never realized how much I keep hidden or gated away because most people don’t get it. How much I candy-coat or gloss over just to move the conversation along.

This world of entrepreneurship can feel lonely. Even with colleagues and masterminds and whatever other support you have, it’s lonely to have the people closest to you not fully understand you.

I see you. I get you.

I acknowledge you for your endurance. Your vision. Your intrepidness. Your ability to stick with it even when you don’t know what’s coming. The constant risk and facing failures often. Putting yourself out there. Following your vision.

Your bravery to take a stand for yourself. Going against the status quo. The systems are not designed for our success, but we lead the way anyway.

I just wanted you to know, you’re amazing.

You’ve got this.

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