Mindful Coworking and Embodiment with Daniela Hofmann

Stephanie Wasylyk
2 min readNov 6, 2023


Daniela H. Hofmann is a beautiful soul who I’m thrilled to introduce you to today. I met her last year as a fellow member of a mastermind, and I’ve learned so much about mindfulness and intentionality from her ever since. I interviewed Daniela all about mindful co-working, embodiment, and how we can bring more intention to our businesses and our everyday lives.


Watch the full video (44 mins) and see the notes below.

What we talk about:

  • Why co-working is so effective and how Daniela adds movement and mindfulness to her sessions to make them even more impactful
  • What projects and tasks people typically use coworking to accomplish
  • What embodiment is, and how it’s often the opposite of what we’ve been taught
  • Some examples of how I’m teaching embodiment to my 4-year-old
  • How we can make different choices as business owners and follow our own rhythms
  • Non-linear movement — what it is, how to practice it, and how to incorporate it in business


  • Embodiment is a way of experiencing your body as a whole entity, instead of seeing your body as an object separate from yourself
  • It takes practice to listen to your body instead of external sources, especially when we’re so used to not listening to it
  • Awareness is the first step to practicing embodiment, and reflecting gives us an opportunity to do something different next time
  • Pay attention to your body when you’re planning your work schedule. Notice when you do your best work and plan around your body’s rhythms.
  • Use non-linear movement to get your day started and to build a connection to your body. Find a comfortable space where you’re not disturbed by others. It could take 5–10 minutes, with or without music. Get on your hands and knees, drop your head. Move according to how you’re feeling — move as tiredness, for example. If something comes up, take the time to release what wants to be released
  • You can also use non-linear movement to work through difficult situations or to make a decision, and this can be paired with journalling
  • Daniela’s tips to get started being more embodied while you’re working are to pay attention to the feeling under your feet and use applying hand cream as an opportunity to get in touch with your body

Resources mentioned:

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